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David + Katie Hevesi

Oh hey new friends. We are the newlywed, creatives behind Hevesi.Co.  We weren’t really planning on becoming entrepreneurs but SURPRISE! David actually works full-time in IT. Katie is a full-time graduate student and full-time dreamer. We met in 2016, starting designing signs together in early 2017, Katie started a blog that summer, we got married in December 2017, and started photography together in May of 2018.

If you spent just a second with us, you would know quickly that we are crazy big dreamers, we love an adventure, and being creative together is our favorite. We are crazy about our dog, Shylah Reese, and have an unhealthy obsession with Mexican food. We are walking distance from our favorite Mexican restaurant. 

We are located in Atlanta, Georgia. Katie was born and raised here, while David is originally from Romania. We love finding the hidden gems of Georgia, but we also are big on traveling. 

Now that you know a bit about us, we want to get to know you! Drop your contact info below, and let’s become friends.

Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest @Hevesi.Co for even more of the goodies! 

Shylah Reese, the Hevesi.Co mascot and head cheerleader

Our Team Members

We sure do not run this show alone. Coming soon, we will be sharing those behind the scene that are helping our dreams and visions come to life!

Let’s Be Friends


Atlanta, Georgia





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