I’m having one of those really productive weeks. I actually feel like I’m getting a lot done, and then also, I look at my todo list and then…just kidding. BUT I am being productive in the blog area. One thing I am focused on currently is pulling all the aspects of Hevesi.Co together with photography, designs, and lifestyle blogging. Photography + design blog posts double as our portfolio, in addition to sharing stories about our work. Today, though, I wanted to talk about my lifestyle blog, instead of another photography post.

My lifestyle blog combines the beginning of my creative journey into where we currently are in our stage of life, business journey, and various lifestyle aspects. This area will continue to be more of my thing. I’ll be pairing it with another project that is currently in the works. I took a break over the summer from blogging to get our business up and running, and that time really helped me to process my blogging and what I wanted it to be.  I don’t want to purposelessly write. I want my words to mean something, even if they touch just one person. If what I take the time to sit down and write could encourage, inspire, or positively influence 1 person, it would be worth it!

If you were a follower of FashionCoup (my fashion + lifestyle blog), then you may have noticed in the spring that things were slightly evolving into more healthy and active lifestyle topics, versus being primarily fashion related. In the spring of this year, I was making a lot of changes to my fitness routine + my diet. That change and the situations of that season has influenced and inspired a whole different level of creativity and passion. If you didn’t know, I wasn’t even doing photography in the spring. It wasn’t until the end of May that this all came about.

There’s a lot more from that season in a combination of where I am now that I am eager to share with you guys through this platform, as well as on my social media outlets (specifically Instagram + Pinterest). If you are interested in this journey on a more in-depth level, I highly suggest you follow me on those 2 platforms. You can always find me over on Instastories, we have a great time. I am in the process of prepping to redo my Pinterest page to make it clear and easy for you to search the content and inspiration you are looking for. That should be happening very soon. With that all said, I cannot wait to see you over there and connect with you!

Last thing I’ll say here: I am really excited and inspired to get back to blogging. I’m ready to share where the Lord has taken us and walk this journey with you. I also will be providing plenty of aesthetically pleasing photos and pictures of Shylah Reese. That alone should make you super excited (or at least it does for me).


This section of this post is basically just a continuation of what I just said, yet different (grace is welcomed). I wanted to take a trip down memory lane, while also sharing some old content on this new platform.  I can definitely post these article (or any specific ones) on individual posts here but for the sake of simplicity, I chose to just do links to the original posts.

I’ve done a quick wrap up of the most popular posts from pre-Hevesi.Co days. These are also some of my favorite ones as well as some I’ve deemed on the more influential side of my writing. I hope you will check out these articles (ESPECIALLY the top 2), and get something beneficial out of them.

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  5. Fall Fitness + Fashion
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  7. Running Nike | Workout Style Go-Tos


I’ll still be blogging some similar content on my personal side of the blog but things will definitely look a bit different. There are honestly so many fun things in the works that I can hardly contain my excitement or keep it a secret. I will share that my topics will have a lot more to do with lifestyle + wellness than anything else. This journey is going to be super fun, and hopefully encouraging and inspirational. There definitely will be some fashion things around, especially because it’s almost fall and fall fashion is THE best. So if you think we are ditching fashion, you’re wrong. It will just appear less often. I feel very called to focus on my lifestyle + wellness journey, and I’m excited for you to join me.

I do want to ask for your grace in this season as well. I am trying to work ahead and take time out of my week to prep solid content. Some posts actually might contain a video and just a few words, versus a whole post. If you are unaware, I am currently getting my Masters degree in Clinical Counseling, and while this business and blog are so special and important to me, school is top priority right now.

Thank you all so much for reading this, I know its borderline scattered but I just want to share what’s going on and where everything is going. If you enjoyed this or hated this let me know in the comments. I gladly accept kind words as well as constructive criticism.

Talk soon,

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