We could not be more excited to have you here and walking through this new journey with us. I (Katie) wanted to take a few minutes are share more about our photography. 

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The back story: The creative side of my brain has been hyperactive for many years now, especially as I stretched the analytical side of my brain through my Bachelors in Psychology degree. I started a calligraphy/lettering business (Valchara Designs) in 2016, but was not able to dedicate the appropriate time do to school.  In late 2017, I met this guy from church. The beginning of 2018 came and we made our first batch of signs together. (We only have one remaining that is currently on my parent’s mantle). I’ve always loved writing and fashion, so in June I started a fashion blog (FashionCoup) that is still active.

In July I graduated from college, and in December I become that guy from church’s wife. 

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David has always been musically inclined and uses other creative skills in hardwood floors and web development.  He has used his skills for enhancing and expanding the product line of Valchara Designs (now Hevesi Design) and is in the process of creating a website for it all! 

So how does any of this end with a photography business?

For Christmas, David bought me a camera that we would use for my blog photos. It proved useful in creating higher quality Instagram pictures but became something I used in everyday life. I would photograph my dog, Shylah, and use it in our travel adventures. At some point, we started using Lightroom, ended up with some different lens options for our camera, and both loved taking photos! 

In the beginning of May, we took a trip to Disney World and found ourselves asking each other constantly to borrow the camera. We took average tourist photos but also took time for more creative and unique shots. So that got us thinking about playing around further with our camera, learning the art, and eventually pursuing photography as a fun side project.

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Now at the end of July 2018, things have significantly changed. We have learned our evolving style, honed in on subjects that we enjoy, and are in the processes of pursuing photography at a larger level. 

Our own wedding and attending some others inspired us to pursue capturing couples and weddings. We would love to serve couples in a way of capturing their love and special moments. We believe in romantic, darling moments, with a daring and bold style. 

coupoles phtogoraphy atlanta georgia golden hour

As a fashion blogger, I fall more in love with fashion photography every day. I see new styles and urban areas as a means for new art. I love playing with poses and pieces for a fun and powerful flare, but equally, love playful and elegant. 

Downtown Northeast Georgia Winder Lifestyle Blogger Photography Session


We are so excited and feel so blessed to be starting this journey. There are so many amazing things already in the work and we believe we will see God’s blessing and grace in our work. 

Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter, stay tuned by following up on social media, and checking back on the blog for all the updates and more! 

If you have questions, comments, or fun facts (I really love fun facts) shoot us a message. I’d be happy to chat with you and David loves talking as well. 

*Fun fact about the picture at the top, it was taken right before we left for a date night. During that date, David proposed. 

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